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Color Navigator is the first company to combine patented scientific color intelligence, predictive insights, artificial intelligence and creativity in the design process. We build strong, high impact brands, products, digital applications and customer experiences. Focused on your values, market, target audience and geographic area, we guarantee a strong, consistent identity and improved overall conversion across all touchpoints. A future-ready strategy that results in sustainable commercial success.

Boost your Color Identity

More than ever brands and companies need to stand out and create a competitive advantage by being authentic and communicate in a personal, consistent, inclusive and sustainable way. Color should always be the basis of a successful design- and innovation process. A color identity is not only about your logo colors but all the colors that create the context and experience. A color identity upgrade and intuitive brand guide improves your company's efficiency and results overnight.

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Boost your Color Identity
Maximize your conversion

Maximize your conversion

Based on our patented Color Intelligence, Color Navigator can predict how consumers will perceive a design and make decisions in the first three to five seconds. In just a few clicks, the visual hierarchy, clarity and emotional impact of your online and offline communication becomes clear. We help marketing, design, UX and product teams develop data- and science based solutions that increase conversion rates and improve the customer experience of their websites and e-commerce platforms.

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More than 95% of all our daily decisions are subconscious

More than 95% of all
our daily decisions
are subconscious

The impact of color
In 84.7% of all our buying decisions color is the dominant factor

In 84.7% of all our
buying decisions color
is the dominant factor

Research & Visual Nudging-kleuren4

Actionable insights & predictive impact

Want to make the right decisions for your branding, communication, products, or packaging? One Inch Whale and Color Navigator have joined forces to leverage research & visual nudging:

Make objective, research-, scientific & data based decisions
Be efficient in development, (re)production & purchasing
Reach more & sustainable impact, with better results overall
Merge creativity with logic, bridging the gap between marketing & research

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Our cases

Color Navigator is an ideal partner in the (re)branding process of your product, brand or company. Discover some of our cases.

  We are a company with a no-nonsense approach and therefore there was an immediate click with Color Navigator, Karine and her team. The assignment was handled very pragmatically within the short deadline set. The output was very useful and more than worth its money. We would immediately start working with Color Navigator again.  

C. D. S.

  The Color Navigator System is one of the greatest revolutions in the history of color. It has proven to bring structure and add color intelligence from design to reproduction with greater efficiency, better results and clear communication between all stakeholders.  


  When we started working with Color Navigator, we had the opportunity to communicate color to the customer in a well-founded way and achieve much better sales results.  

M. S.

  By working with Color Navigator, a new world of color expertise opened up. This system very well complements the limited knowledge that we as architects have about color. It is a system in which color combinations are no longer based on gut feeling, but on a professional and scientific basis.  

V. L.
Provincie Antwerpen

  Thanks to the color types and styles in the system, students can quickly make the right color selection. The Color Cluster System offers not only a clear path in finding the right colors, but also an argument that supports their choices.  

B. P.
Universiteit Antwerpen

Our clients

Since color is everywhere, Color Navigator is active in a wide variety of sectors. Discover some of our customers.

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