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More than 25 years ago, the Color Navigator Institute was founded by civil engineer and psychologist Luc van Renterghem. Together with his research team he investigated the effect of color on our brains. This resulted in the patented Color Navigator System. Since then, the institute has been regarded as one of the authorities within the color neuropsychological world, with applications in a wide range of disciplines and sectors.


The impact of color

Two thirds of everything our brain processes and remembers is based on visual information, such as light and shapes. Colors are specific waves of light that have a great impact on our way of thinking, our performance, our hormonal balance, our metabolism, etc. If you know that global research shows that in 84.7% of all our purchasing decisions, color is the deciding factor, then it seems very logical that color also has a direct impact on the results of companies.


Although neuromarketing is on the rise, its applicability remains very unpredictable. Our unique technology, predictive data and continuous research make it possible to predict, based on the most important factor, color, which elements (subconsciously) attract attention for each form of communication.

Measuring is knowing

Almost everyone now agrees with Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman and his findings that more than 95% of all our decisions are unconscious and automatic. It is no coincidence that color is the dominant factor in almost all these decisions. 

The combination of more than 25 years of advanced neuroscience research, artificial intelligence and neural network modeling allows us to simulate how users will react to a specific design. Color Navigator helps UX, marketing, and product teams make conscious and data-driven decisions that increase conversion and improve the user experience across all touchpoints.

System 1
System 1
Daniel Kahneman
System 2
System 2

Color Navigator System

The Color Navigator System is the first intelligent color system based on the DNA of a color, its properties and how our eyes and brain perceive and translate color. Understanding color, communicating and working with color across different industries, teams and projects will never be the same again.

Color identities
Mapping colors
Matching colors

A Google Maps for colors

The patented Color Navigator System consists of nearly 10,000 colors with individual coordinates that reveal their type, style and cultural or geographical relevance. All coordinates are continuously enriched by recent data from digital applications and research. Selecting and combining the right colors according to your corporate or brand identity, target audience and region in which you operate has never been easier and more precise.

Our expertise has been translated into products, software and services that offer further support in making the right, substantiated colour choices. From different countries and sectors, our partners and customers get to work with the Color Navigator System. In addition, our approach is taught at renowned universities and colleges.

The big one
The active one
The digital one

Our way of working

Selling the right colors, but selling the right colors to the right consumer in the right region is even better. Our color experts match your identity with the right use of color. Through four different phases we optimize your color strategy with maximum impact and recognition as a result!

First phase

Based on an intake around the current vision and values, our experts will map out your identity in the first phase. We take into account the most important touchpoints in which color is used. This includes the brand, product, website and communication. In addition, our TimeLabs team also charts relevant market developments, innovation trends and buyer personas.

Second phase

As a second step, we define a new colour strategy aimed at your market and consumer. We make a distinction between the brand or product colors and the identity colors that also have a major impact on the experience. The colour mood and psychology, as well as the colour and taste synesthesia also play an important role in specific cases.

Third phase

We then provide clear technical guidelines for the application of the new colour identity. By means of Color Dashboards we show in a visual way how color can be used for all your stakeholders. This application covers design, marketing and production, as well as purchasing and communication.

Forth phase

Finally, we provide measurable results that support the effect of the new color strategy, after which we deliver your certified color identity. We provide a sustainable approach to all your color use that leads to stronger brand recognition, more impact and better results.

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Color workflow

Color Navigator is the backbone of a smart color strategy,
as well as an efficient and sustainable workflow.


When determining a Certified Color Identity, we take into account the most commonly used color system in the customer's production or user environment as much as possible and from the start. After all, all the work of designers, marketers, purchasers is undone if the chosen and certified colors are not (re)produced consistently on the different carriers and touchpoints. A Certified Color Identity therefore contains easily applicable dashboards for all internal and external stakeholders who come into contact with color. If desired, Color Navigator offers guidance on color (re)production in a wide range of industries and advice on solutions for the measurement and responsible viewing of color.

Defining color
Measuring and viewing color
Reproducing color

Our team

We are Color Navigator, passionate about color and people.
We love what we do and want to make the world a
more colorful, sustainable and interesting place!

Karine Steculorum

Creative Color Director

Katleen Briers

Partner Success Lead

Lotte Quirijnen

CN Color Expert
Product Developer

Marie-Gon Vos

CN Color & Trends Expert
Business Partner India

Steven Jordens

Operations & Digital
Projects Manager

Lotte Bongaerts

Communication & Digital Marketing Manager

Thierry Lescrauwaet


Khadja Tits

CN Color Expert
Graphic & Interior Designer

Berna Hoonhout

CN Color & Retail Expert
Business Partner Netherlands

Rob Meijer

Printing & Graphic
Color Expert

Sarah De Wée

CN Color & Trend Expert
Fashion & Textile Designer

Henri Debar

ISOCOLOR Matching Expert
Business Partner USA

Luc Van Renterghem

Civil Engineer
Color Professor

Dominique de Borrekens


Bart Van Tigchelt

Business Director

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