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Het Color Navigator Research Center  werd in 1995 opgericht door Luc Van Renterghem en geldt als één van de internationale autoriteiten binnen de vakgebieden kleur- en neuropsychologie.  Het gepatenteerde Color Navigator System  wordt toegepast in de meest uiteenlopende sectoren en toepassingen.


Ondertussen is bijna iedereen het eens met Donald Kahneman dat meer dan 95% van al onze (aankoop) beslissingen onbewust zijn. Binnen die 95% is kleur volgens wereldwijd onderzoek in 85% de meest doorslaggevende factor.

Bijna alle vormen van communicatie voor een product, merk of bedrijf maakt gebruik van kleur. Onze hersenen nemen onbewust de boodschap op aan de hand van de visuele componenten. De vraag die we ons hierbij stellen, is: wordt de juiste boodschap overgebracht op de consument? 

The Color Navigator Institute

With over 20 years of experience and an international team covering the most diverse color disciplines, we can say that we are true color addicts. The Color Research Center was founded in 1995 by Ing. Luc Van Renterghem. Together with his research team, Van Renterghem examined how our brain interacts with color. The patented Color Navigator System was born and the institute is considered an authority when it comes to color and neuropsychology.

Why is color so important?

In 85% of all buying decisions, color is the dominant factor. Color impacts your company results every minute. Any communication or advertisement of your brand, product range or project uses color in a certain way. Our brain will subconsciously pick-up your message based on the visual components. The question is: is the right message conveyed? All our expertise is used to choose the right colors and create compelling designs, brands, packaging and ads that sell.

Two thirds of everything we process and remember is visual (light and shapes). Colors are wavelengths of light that have an enormous influence on us. They have a permanent impact on our daily lives, our state of mind, performance, hormonal state, metabolism and so much more. And still, color is one of the most neglected and underappreciated aspects in design & development, as well as in most creative education programs in the world.

Every brand, product, campaign, digital application and space needs a color strategy and a color dashboard. It defines your identity, maximizes visual impact, guarantees better results, improves well-being and provides consistent communication with all stakeholders.


The right colors sell more

But the right color for the right consumer in the right region sells even better. Our color experts match your identity with the right use of color. We optimize your color strategy through 4 different phases, with maximum impact and recognition as a result!

  1. In the first phase, our experts map your identity with Color Navigator System. We take into account all touch-points in which color is used. This includes the brand, product, website and communication.
  2. As a second step, we determine a new color strategy, targeted to your market and customer. We make a distinction between the main colors, context colors and their combinations. Color mood and psychology, as well as color and taste synesthesia also play an important role in the selection of these colors.
  3. We then provide clear technical guidelines for the application of your new color identity optimized for conversion. Using Color Dashboards, we visually show how color can be used for all your stakeholders. This application covers design, marketing and production, as well as purchasing and communication.
  4. Finally, we provide measurements and attention maps that support the effect of the new color strategy. We are able to demonstrate the visual impact of your product, brand or company on the basis of Artificial Intelligence. We provide you with a sustainable approach that leads to higher brand recognition, higher sales, etc.

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Our way of working


Neuro MarketingNeuro Marketing

The combination of advanced neuroscience research, artificial intelligence and neural network modeling allows us to simulate how users will respond to a specific design. This technology automatically and immediately predicts which elements attract the (unconscious) attention for each type of communication material.

Color Navigator helps marketing-, design, UX and product teams make data-driven decisions that increase conversion and improve the customer experience of their designs.

1. Quantify gaze patterns and eye movements

The human eye conveys more than a hundred billion signals to the brain every second. That’s a huge amount of information to process and understand. Our technology quantifies gaze patterns and eye movements to map the relative importance of visual features.


2. Predict observations

Our predictive models analyze over 1.6 m data points across 20,000 experiments involving hundreds of participants to detect which design characteristics evoke human attention within the first 3 to 5 seconds. Our simulation is then validated against empirical eye-tracking studies, which have proven our predictions to be 90% as accurate as conducting physical studies involving hundreds of participants.

3. Increase conversion and improve customer experience

In a few clicks, you get objective insights about the visual efficiency of each color application. Based on the visual hierarchy, clarity and emotional impact of your design, we are able to optimize the message and create the desired impact, helping UX, marketing and product teams make smarter design decisions

Quantify gaze patterns and eye movements
Predict observations
Increase conversion and improve customer experience


Are you ready to experience an unbeatable universal color system and learn more about measurable color choices on a scientific basis? Color Navigator is the first intelligent color system based on the DNA of a color, its properties and how our eyes and brain perceive and translate color. The ground-breaking and patented Color Navigator System is the result of over 20 years of research and development as well as an in-depth study on how color subconsciously influences us. Understanding color, communicating and working with color across industries, professionals and projects will never be the same again.

Color identities

The Color Navigator System is comprised of 10.000 colors with a unique passport, revealing the type of a color or consumer, its style and the cultural or geographical relevance of its use. Choosing and combining the right colors for your design, specific customer or territory has never been easier and more precise.

Mapping colors

Professionals worldwide use the Color Navigator system to develop distinct and recognizable color frameworks for their companybrandproducts and collection, in order to create consistent experiences for consumers. Mapping colors towards your future goals is important. Customers will come back to you when their experience is fresh and innovative, but still feels familiar.

Matching colors

The groundbreaking CN Smart Match opens up a whole new array of possibilities to create impactful color combinations while working in a targeted, fast and cost-effective way. All Color Navigator colors are perfectly reproducible. They come with Lab, sRGB and CMYK values as well as our Color Navigator System ICC profile.

The innovative Color Navigator tools & software

The Color Navigator System has been translated in compelling tools, software and services that offer further support in making your own color choices. Learn to use them in our color training and workshops. Our clients and users hail from a range of fields such as fashion, cosmetics, paint, home decor, architecture, healthcare, FMCG, automotive, graphic & product design, printing, packaging, advertising, media, etc. 

The big one

The Big One is the "must have" for every professional working with color. It is comprised of the 7.200 CN colors, the Smart Match navigation, a tool kit with profiling masks, a color finder as well as a comprehensive manual about color and the CN basics.

The active one

The Active One is comprised of 1.800 CN colors. It is without a doubt the smartest color fan deck in the world. Thanks to its compact size and ease of use, it is the perfect color consulting tool, even when you are on the move. A perfect match with our CN Color Catch Nano.

The digital one

The Digital One is a state of the art web based platform that allows you to work with all 10.000 CN colors and other color banks of your choice. You can choose colors & create color palettes, profile colors, match & compare colors, import colors and access tutorials, moods boards for inspiration and how-to's.

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Color Navigator is the backbone of a smart color framework as well as an efficient color workflow. It is important to treat color consistently in the total process and make sure the chosen color eventually will also be produced in the right way.

Defining color

The first step is choosing color. By making a clear color profile for a company, a brand or a product line, we are able to define colors that will work and are based on the targeted consumer, the sales territory and what the color will be used for. We eliminate any doubt and boost time for creativity.

Measuring and viewing color

Viewing and measuring color in the right conditions and in a controlled environment is a must. Color Navigator works with leading international companies who offer tools and solutions adapted to different applications in color measuring & viewing. 

Reproducing color

Color Navigator System is integrated in leading design- and RIP software for the printing and other industries. Partnerships like Isocolor make it possible to accurately reproduce colors with pigments, dying formulas, etc. This way we guarantee your color choices will also be close to the final result.

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We are Color Navigator, color addicts since 1995. We are passionate about color, brands and people. We love what we do and want to make the world more colorful, sustainable and fun! We hope we inspired you to get in touch and meet our team members so we can work together, exchange ideas or for you to become part of the Color Navigator Journey one way or another.
Karine Steculorum
Karine Steculorum
Color Director
Khadja Tits
Khadja Tits
CN Color Expert
Graphic & Interior Designer
Lotte Quirijnen
Lotte Quirijnen
CN Color Expert
Product Developer
Marie-Gon Vos
Marie-Gon Vos
CN Color & Trends Expert
Business Partner India
Steven Jordens
Steven Jordens
Operations & Digital Projects
Charline Frateur
Charline Frateur
Content & Communication
Thibaud de Borrekens
Thibaud de Borrekens
Technical Color Director
Berna Hoonhout
Berna Hoonhout
CN Color & Retail Expert
Business Partner Netherlands
Thierry Lescrauwaet
Thierry Lescrauwaet
Laurence Barbier-Bignier
Laurence Barbier-Bignier
CN Color Expert 
Business Partner France
Henri Debar
Henri Debar
Color Reproduction Expert
Business Partner USA 
Sarah De Wée
Sarah De Wée
CN Color & Trend Expert
Fashion & Textile Designer

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