Bebat case


The customer demand

Environmental organization Bebat, which has been collecting, sorting and recycling used batteries for 20 years, commissioned Color Navigator to expand and optimize their use of color in function of their brand identity.

Our way of working

  1. Color audit: We mapped the original use of color.
  2. Color identity research: Based on the brand identity, we defined the correct parameters to determine color choices.
  3. Color brand guide: Based on the new color palette, we created guidelines to enable clear communication and consistent use of color, both internally and externally.

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Color audit

To create a consistent and recognizable color identity, it is important to map the original use of color in a neutral way. As the first step of the color audit, we placed the original Bebat colors on our CN matrix. From the matrix it became clear that the original colors were spread over the different styles and types, causing little unity and consistency in the palette. There was a need for optimization and supplementation of the original use of color.

CN matrix transition


Color identity

Brand colors

Since Bebat has built a strong identity on its green-beige logo, we only proposed a subtle shift of their original brand colors. To increase readability and freshness, the colors have been optimized without affecting their individuality.

  • We opted for a fresher, cooler and less greyed-out green that appears more modern and dynamic.
  • We selected a cooler and greyer beige that is more readable and in balance opposite the green.

Logo transition

Context colors

In addition to the two main colors, Bebat mainly used warm, activating colors (see upper right corner on the left matrix). Based on our brand research, we put together a color palette that supports brand colors and offers a consistent, future-oriented look (see right-hand matrix).

Color balance transition

The selection of brand and context colors was based on the identity of Bebat. The new color palette allows them to address their three different target groups (B2B, B2C & schools) in a targeted way.

  • The brand colors reflect the essence of the brand. They are always prominent to convey a consistent message or atmosphere.
  • The context colors support the brand colors. They are always present as a graphic accent to reinforce a specific message or atmosphere.

Color Brand Guide

Finally, we collected the results of our research in a Color Brand Guide. The main purpose of this guide is to facilitate the consistent application of color and to activate the desired triggers with the right audience.

  • Functional use of color: A guideline for the graphic application of the colors in graphs, illustrations,... The legibility and the desired color contrast must always be monitored.
  • Visual use of color: A guide for the graphic application of colors in photography. The correct color combinations must always be monitored.
  • Overview of the colors
  • Overview of the technical values

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