Belmio case


Product Color Dashboard

In collaboration with the leading design and innovation agency Absintt, Color Navigator developed a color identity for the Belgian coffee brand Belmio. This Product Color Dashboard applies to their capsules and packaging.

The customer demand

Belmio commissioned Color Navigator to create a consistent color identity that fits in the current Belmio product range and takes the taste of the coffee into account.

Our way of working

  1. The current color palette was examined.
  2. The current color palette was mapped in the Color Navigator System.
  3. The company values, brand personas and market segments were defined.
  4. The colors were selected based on the taste of the coffee.
  5. A moodboard was proposed for product packaging, store design and marketing campaigns.
  6. A color manual was suggested for application and digital reproduction.

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The result

Following our research of the current color palette and the brand values of Belmio, Color Navigator created 10 new capsule colorsthat matched perfectly with the existing brand and took the coffee taste into account.

Starting from the 10 capsule colors, which Color Navigator determined for the aluminum capsules, it also presented some moodboards with regard to the product packagingstore design and marketing campaigns of the brand. As well as a color manual with instructions for application and digital reproduction.

Color matrix capsules
Axes flavor coffee
Color strategy Belmio
Color strategy Belmio
Color strategy Belmio
Color strategy Belmio

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