Color advice

Color advice

Our color experts are happy to help you!

Our color experts are always ready to lend you a colorful hand! They come from different disciplines and have very diverse backgrounds. Together, they have gathered priceless color knowledge and data that can be shared in every new project. Our experts work from our office, but can also work closely with your teams as a colleague on a semi-permanent basis.

Our experts can change the outcome of any project positively by developing a custom color strategy and implementing it for a product range or packaging. The ground-breaking Color Navigator System eliminates any doubt. By making a clear color profile, based on your market segment and target audience, we are able to predict and map which colors will work for your specific business.

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Customized dashboards

At the start of each case, our color experts fully immerse themselves in the vision, mission and target group of each business. In this way our product developers, graphic designers and fashion experts manage to perfectly match the color dashboards to the wishes and requirements of your product, brand or company.

The Color Navigator System provides a scientific translation of our findings to your market- and company-oriented targets. This way we can set up your unique color profile and establish a durable partnership, that is needed in this ever-transforming world.

Customized dashboards

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Our international color experts constantly monitor the latest color trends and developments. Moreover, we have been trained to apply this to the wishes and needs of our customers. Our trend hub Timelapbs_ does not only take into account flash-in-the-pan trends, but focuses mainly on long-term evolutions. Offering knowledge that can be sustainably applied in your company, is the key to success.

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