Color consultancy

Our color experts are always ready to lend a colorful hand! They come from different disciplines and have very diverse backgrounds. Together, they have gathered priceless color knowledge and data that can be shared in every new project. We work from our offices and studios, but can also work closely with your teams as a colleague on a semi-permanent basis.

Our experts can change the outcome of any project positively by developing a color strategy and implement it for a product range or packaging, by using the ground-breaking Color Navigator System to eliminate any doubt. By making a clear color profile based on your market data and target audience, we are able to predict and map which colors will work. 


For a tailored consultancy the experts can dive into the company values and immerse them in the visionary strategy. Backed by our product developers and graphic designers, color dashboards are created, customized to what your company, brand or product needs. 

The Color Navigator System provides a scientific translation of our gained results towards your specific market & future company goals. In this way it is possible to establish your color profile and set up an ongoing cooperation to create a sustainable strategy needed in a transforming world.

Trendhub Timelabps_


Our color experts are trained in the latest color research and trends to be able to apply them immediately to your wants and needs. Our trendhub Timelapbs_ is your eyes on the world, your ever-watching satellite. An international team analyzes shifts in society to pin down the future zeitgeist. This interpretation is vital for companies’ long term strategy to be able to respond early to consumers’ divergent values and behaviors. 

We don’t stand for flash-in-the-pan trends. It’s not even about trends anymore. It’s about consciously living the riveting evolutions that the world offers and continuing to inspire. Offering experiences that entail value and substance are key to success.

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