Color intelligence and data

Color intelligence & Data


Color Navigator is the only system that allows to map colors according to brand persona, style, emotion, geographical preference and type of application. This gives us an enormous competitive lead and advantage with ground-breaking color algorithms, powerful market research intelligence as well as game-changing Artificial Intelligence - deep learning tools.

We are rapidly evolving towards an Artificial Intelligence-first world. Color Navigator has entered into an exclusive, worldwide partnership with Robovision, one of the most advanced and leading deep learning companies in the world. You will soon be able to meet our intelligent color engine ARCIS. Today, for example, we are able to calculate the Color Success Factor of fashion collections and craft and predict the successful collections of the future thanks to our smart My Color Passport Technology.

Our society is being overwhelmed by a digital content explosion, yet large scale processing of this content is still a challenge. Thanks to new techniques like deep learning we can automatically derive actionable color insights from available data.

We co-create with you as a partner and add value to your existing business model through color intelligence and data. You have the cake, and together we can put a (deep red) cherry on top of it, making your customer and products insights more integrated in an Artificial Intelligence-first world and your company more agile than ever.

How to disrupt your industry and make your business future-proof? 

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