Company Color Framework

Company Color framework

Color touchpoints

The Company Color Framework guarantees a consistent impact on all your stakeholders. These specific guidelines save you time and money and deliver you better results. A must for each company!

Tailored guidelines

A Company Color Framework consists of CN Certified Color Dashboards for the company brands and different product lines. The extensive corporate brand guideline also provides advice for all applications, specific occasions and themes, as well as detailed instructions on how to use them. Backed by management and shared with the entire team, it shows a clear long-term vision that is sustainable as it guarantees better performance, less waste, better production, lower stocks and general well-being of the company.  


The cost of a Company Color Framework is obviously depending on the size of the company, number of touch points, number of brand- and product dashboards, total scope, degree of detail in the briefing, detail of execution, complexity of production, available information, etc. 
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Consistent impact

In every single contact with employees, clients, prospects and partners, color plays a leading role. The moment you enter the company offices, the website, online shop, a brochure, a sales presentation, company cars, a trade fair,...everything needs to be in sync and send the same message. 

The colors in the Company Color Framework are defined, based on your company values, strategic positioning in the market, targeted customers, geographical areas and segmented by specific application or use.

The dashboards and brand guidelines are enriched with information for each specific division. Color discussions are history as color communication is streamlined cross all divisions: design, marketing, production, purchasing and operations can use the dashboard info based on their needs. 

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Color dashboards

Color dashboards

The color dashboards provide you with ample variations to create suitable color palettes for any project, product or substrate. Our teams consist of experts hailing from many sectors to ensure correct color (re)production, be it digital or physical. Any idea how much time and money is lost on color discussions and waste?



Guard the use of your color, it’s the expression of your company to the world. What do you want it to say? Consistency in color use is the superhero in communication if you strive for full recognition. Get everyone on board using the company color dashboard to ensure all touchpoints have the same look & feel.



Make sure your advertisements link to each other over time and express the company values. The ads should look similar on print and web, to reach its full competence in recognition. The dashboards will provide ample info for multiple substrates. In addition, they present the knowhow on how a consumer will react to a certain visual and color mood, so that you can steer it in the right direction.

Sales and marketing

Sales & marketing

Use the color dashboard in presentations for more impact and convincing results. A clear color template will save you time to spend on content & clients. Color is a measurable parameter. This also means sales can increase because of a very targeted offer. Follow all parameters on you company color dashboard to reach your intended goals.

Digital optimization

Digital optimization

The color use for the company has to be phygital. This means all web-based communication and products should also be communicated with the advice of our company color dashboards. We can ensure more clicks and higher SEO thanks to color use, deep learning and eye tracking knowledge. The dashboards can provide optimal color use for the aimed for (re)action in all digital formats: website, mobile apps, promo videos: every color choice matters.



Color Navigator makes your company more sustainable in many aspects. Clear purchasing and production guidelines lower production costs, lower waste, improve performance and stock rotation dramatically. In addition to the technical advice the color dashboards provides, you have reduced approval cycles and are navigating towards a much more efficient quality control.

Although some people in the company were hesitating to change, we have to admit that the new color packaging concept developed by Color Navigator System has had an immediate and unprecedented effect on our international sales with great and unexpected customer and consumer feedback.

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