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Color Navigator developed a color identity for the Belgian pharmaceutical company EG. This Brand Color Dashboard applies to their packaging and logo. With over 30 years of experience, EG is the market leader in generic medicines in Belgium. Their range consists of nearly 700 medicines for the treatment of health problems in almost every therapeutic area.

The customer demand

EG commissioned Color Navigator to reform the color identity of its packaging. However, when we mapped the EG product range, there appeared to be a need for an extensive color palette. Color Navigator based the new classification on the therapeutic effect of the medicine in question. A new color identity that can be applied throughout the different therapeutic domains, would contribute to their three main goals:

  • Improve recognizability for the pharmacist and the patient.
  • Ensure more consistency.
  • Create even more confidence in their extensive range.

Our way of working

  1. We explained the former use of color.
  2. We mapped the former use of color in the Color Navigator System.
  3. We conducted scientific research regarding the correspondence between colors and therapeutic domains.
  4. We selected the colors based on their therapeutic character.
  5. We composed an extensive Brand Guide to accompany the packaging design and the use of the new colors.
  6. We composed an extensive Print Manual for the (re) production of the new colors.

The result

EG logoColor Navigator created a color palette of 24 colors, each corresponding to a therapeutic domain. The original logo, which didn't fit into the new color identity after the rebranding, also received a new look, in which the colors truly came into their own.

In addition to the main colors of the boxes, we applied accents with supporting colors, that indicate the intensity of the medicine. On the back of the box we put the information for the patient in black and white, in order to make it easily readable. Finally, we put the new logo in the left corner at the bottom and provided a blank space on the right, where the pharmacist can indicate the dosage without hiding any other information. Watch the video to clarify the different zones on the package.

For this specific case, we did not only carry out a color research and selection, but we also put the guidelines into practice. We worked out an extensive Brand Guide for the use of the new colors and packaging design. In addition, we composed a Print Manual for the (re)production of the packaging. Two complete manuals that allow to make EGs new color identity tangible.

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