Brand Color Dashboard

Every brand or company needs to have a Brand Color Dashboard for consistent visual communication. It defines the right colors and impact for all your touchpoints with team members, clients, prospects and stakeholders and tells you how to use and reproduce them. 

Tailored guidelines

The colors in the dashboard are defined based on your company values, strategic positioning in the market, targeted customers, active geographical areas and segmented by specific application or use. This information is either available or can be obtained during an interactive workshop. Connected to color neuropsychology the underlying mood is clarified, upon which the brand color dashboard is built.

Besides the core brand colors, you also have access to clear brand guidelines with specific color combinations and color palettes that you can use with the brand colors for even more impactful communication based on specific occasions or themes if required.


A Brand Color Dashboard will boost your conversion and save your business unnecessary costs. These dashboards are easy to use and to communicate. Brand guidelines will never be the same again!

A standard Brand Color Dashboard starts at 6.600 € excl. VAT.  Contact us to discuss your project and to get your personal offer! 

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The brand color dashboards can be enriched with information for each specific division. Color discussions are history as color communication is streamlined cross all divisions: design, marketing, production, purchasing and operations can use the dashboard info based on their needs. Color Navigator links the dashboards to the color system (Pantone, NCS, RAL, etc) that is mainly used by the company divisions in order to achieve alignment and avoid colors that cannot be achieved. 

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Brand recognition

Color is the element people remember most about a brand. Any communication, regardless of which color is used (digital, print or any media) will be seen as consistent and recognizable by the consumer. Make sure your brand is and stays recognizable to your customers and partners across all your touchpoints. 


Impact on performance

The impact of using the right colors is immediate and measurable. Sales and revenue will go up thanks to targeting the right customer and market segment, but also because of cost optimizations. Communication across divisions will run smoother and extra time is created that can be spent on new projects and creativity.


Brand color guidelines

The clear brand guidelines eliminate all discussions and doubt about color. Everyone is guided towards the right colors and is instructed on how to use them accordingly. We offer precise advice on color combinations and moods in several settings and uses, so the identity of the company remains untouched. In this way, variable, creative and recognizable communication all-in-one is made possible.

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