We turn color & design choices into commercial successes

Better designs. Better colors. Better results.

Our Color & Design Studios combine the best of both worlds. All of our color expertise is put into practice by our in-house teams of designers and product developers with a clear focus on color, semantics and design. We also work in close cooperation with other design agencies when it comes to color strategy and choices. Daily tasks involve the design of product ranges, packaging, advertising images, digital media, color palettes for (digital) applications for any sector using color.

The way we innovate

We love to work together with our clients as a long term partner for innovation, color, trends and design along the entire process. This is the best way for us to secure real sustainable, commercial and operational results. But depending on your own expertise and needs you can also use our services or system on demand for one of the below stages. Our Color & Design Studios and Timelabps_ trendhub team are used to blend in at any time in your innovation or design process.

Timelabps_ is our Trend and Innovation team with over 30 years of international experience. We spark discussion and help you reach the mindset to adapt to change in a fast-revolving world. We interpret the evolution of key trends and colors and apply them directly to your
company’s needs. Discover how we can prepare your company for the new hybrid world. Our approach allows us to get straight to work, revitalize your projects and turn new ideas into tangible and realistic successes.

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Impact of color

Yes, we will say it again. In 85% of all buying decisions color is the dominant factor. Two thirds of everything we process and remember is visual. Color impacts your company results every minute. We use that knowledge and turn color and design choices into commercial success. All our expertise is used to choose the right colors and create compelling designs, brands, packaging and advertising visuals that sell.


Design & development

We do not just choose colors. We start by making clear color profiles and defining a color strategy at the beginning. This way we create a sustainable design vision, eliminate doubt and create top selling collections, product ranges and campaigns. For design agencies we can create the color strategy that enables them to eliminate discussions with their clients and validate color choices in the design process.



We know the attraction and influence color has when a product is purchased and that most decisions are still made when looking at the product on shelf or on screen. Our experts combine the colorimetric influence of color and color psychology to develop packaging that has the most consistent look, even for very large ranges and with the highest possible impact on the consumer. The results are spectacular, even for already established brands.



Did you know that changing the “purchase” button on your webshop to a specific color can improve your sales dramatically? Websites, apps, digital presentations, promotional movies: every color choice matters. By using the right color combinations, proportions and placement we can increase focus, impact, decision and results of all your digital media.



Any communication or advertisement of your brand, product range or project uses color in a way. Based on the visual components and the role played by the color combinations, our brain will subconsciously pick-up your message or not. Our Color Experts & Psychologists work closely with marketeers and agencies to improve the measurable results of advertisements by changing and repositioning color use.


Commercial results

We work for esteemed & large, as well passionate & smaller companies in the world and have achieved spectacular measurable commercial results. Color and color combinations can be treated based on scientific knowledge and stimulate creativity at the same time. Let’s meet and work together so we can show you how color can change the future of your project or company in no time.

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