Color training & workshops

Color Navigator System is taught to professionals, companies, universities and design schools. Our workshops are organized for in-house teams or for individuals. They are adapted to different industries such as interior design & architecture, design & development and digital media. We also offer courses to develop general and specific color skills such as Understanding Color, Color Psychology, Color Management and Color Reproduction.

The smartest color training for every professional and company working with color!

System summary & tools

  • 4-5 hours course & workshop
  • suited for individuals or for groups with min. 1 max. 8-10 persons
  • Locations in Europe, New York and Shanghai on demand
  • 6 months free access to the Digital One software
  • CNS certification & online registration
  • Access to online system basics, mood boards and general full color course 

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  • We adapt our workshop to your sector and have trainings available for interior, architecture, fashion, general design, automotive, etc. Really for any business working with color.
  • The workshops range from level 1, our basic course, to more days that focus on all possibilities of the system and leave time to study cases, do exercises and apply the knowledge to your company.
  • To follow up, we organize monthly sessions for updates and new features.
  • All workshops are available through webinar, if travel distance is too large.

    Want to kick start a color brand, company or product dashboard? Let’s align your values and goals before we start! A deepdive is needed as a framework for any dashboard. 

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Students learn to professionally handle color from the moment they hit the books at university. Product developers, designers, graphic artists, architects, photographers, etc. all go through our Color Navigator System to better understand color and its impact on the world and their projects.

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Keynote speakers

Interactive sessions

Our mission is to share our knowledge about the importance of color in our lives and our well-being as well as the impact of color on the various aspects and results of a company. Our team consists of several keynote speakers that can be booked to talk about very diverse subjects related to color with inspiring examples from our color research and daily applications as well as specific subjects such as color psychology, the impact of color in our lives, etc.


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