Product Color Dashboard

Every product (family) needs a Product Color Dashboard to guarantee the visual identity of the product logo, product materials, the packaging, digital applications and other communication. It defines the right colors and impact for the different materials and applications, provides technical guidelines on how to use the colors and how to (re)produce them. 

The colors in the dashboard are defined based on your product line values, strategic positioning in the market, brand persona’s, competition analysis, curated trends and market insights. Thanks to our technology we can also predict and segment relevant geographical areas and specific applications or domains. This information is either available or can be obtained during an interactive workshop.

Sustainable design vision

We don’t just choose colors for a product. We start by making clear color profiles and defining a color strategy at the beginning of the project. This way, we create a sustainable design vision, eliminate guessing the right colors and create top selling collections and successful campaigns. 

The production process is the key moment where the colors will come to life. To make sure to keep your consistency in production of the colors on all chosen substrates, we have in-house expertise & consultants in most domains. We are able to translate the chosen colors and their combinations into technical values to assure the color will shift minimally. 


We advise to set up your Product Color Dashboard at the beginning of a project to optimise results and make sure the colors are aligned with the product’s values and strategy. Also for already existing products we are successful at increasing sales and performance by adapting colors according to the Color Navigator System, giving the product lines a second and better life.

A Product Color Dashboard starts at 4.400 € excl. VAT. Contact us to discuss your project and to get your personal offer! 


Case Segmentation: wine and dine

For this client we were asked to target two different consumers with a similar line of 3 products and to provide harmonious color combinations in a consistent range. All colors are perceived as suitable and appropriate for this type of product and adapted to the geographical region. However, the two product lines were targeted to different consumers/segment. The first line-up is conceived as a higher priced wine range. The right hand side was positioned as a lower cost, but still appealing, range and is therefore more accessible for a larger crowd.


Color, light & materials

The effect of the chosen colors on material, texture and light are evaluated. Color reacts differently on glass than on wood, on a mat than on a shiny surface, in daylight than in a shop, when positioned near other colors, etc. Conceptual visualisations in 3D renders will make it easy to choose the right finishing touches for your product. This way of working is also extended to complete retail projects.


Packaging and 3D

In most cases, the packaging is the first and most important contact with the customer in the purchasing process. 85% of buying decisions are made based on the packaging colors alone! The colors in the dashboard are visualised in 3D renders to get a clear idea of the result and to allow you to communicate the project convincingly & easily to all stakeholders during your project.


Production guidelines & QC

For the future roll out you are assisted by our product guidelines with instructions for the right materials and (re)production. Our experts come from different industries like  fashion, printing, paint, textile, plastic production, etc to ensure optimal outcomes across all materials. Given the clear dashboards we eliminate the need for comparisons, endless discussions across all divisions and offer tools for simplified Quality Control.

Do you need expert advise on branding or extensive color guidelines that cover all divisions in your company?
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