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Product Color Dashboard

Color Navigator created a color strategy and color profile for the board games and jigsaw puzzle manufacturer Ravensburger. This Product Color Dashboard applies to their Spiral Designer Machine, the semi-automated successor to their original Spiral Designer. The device uses gears to create many colorful motifs. Watch the video to discover how it works!

The customer demand

Ravensburger commissioned Color Navigator to create a color strategy and color profile for their new Spiral Designer Machine. After extensive research on the target group, brand psychology and brand identity of Ravensburger, Color Navigator determined the colors for the design, the markers and the packaging of the device. The new colors must appeal to both children and their parents, match the brand identity of Ravensburger and encourage their core values: fun, togetherness and development.

Our way of working

  1. We mapped the brand psychology and brand identity of Ravensburger.
  2. We defined the target group of the Spiral Designer Machine.
  3. We analyzed the internal and external competition of the Spiral Designer Machine.
  4. We applied our knowledge about the perception of color.
  5. We examined the importance of the visual development of children.
  6. We presented two color palettes for the Spiral Designer Machine.
  7. We put together a few combinations of markers.
  8. We designed four potential packages.

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Brand psychology and -identity

Prior to our color analysis, we examined the brand psychology of Ravensburger. According to their slogan "playful development", we mapped out their core values and put them on our psychological axes, reaching from heart to head and from explore to focus.

“Enjoyment, education, togetherness - we believe in these values, with passion and intellect, so that children and adults are constantly discovering what is really important.”


Not only the brand psychology, but also the brand identity of Ravensburger was defined. Ravensburger tries to stimulate refined motor skills and playful creative insights. The goal is to create a social environment that encourages the different generations to play, enjoy and share experiences.

Target group

We then defined the Spiral Designer Machine target group and determined their identity, behavior and interests. The target group consists of boys and girls aged 6 to 10, who like to play, learn and create magic. Just like in the previous step, we put their values back on our two axes.

Brand psychology and brand identity
Target group

External and internal competition analysis

We mapped the existing arts and crafts products from Ravensburger and its competition, according to our Color Navigator System. The left-hand matrix shows the color use of the external competition, while the right-hand matrix shows the internal use of color. The combination of this color analysis with our own research, provided us with a good basis for the design of the new Spiral Designer Machine.

External and internal competition analysis

Color perceptionColor perception

According to our Color Navigator System, there are four color types: Soft, basic natural, energetic and dark deep colors. Each color type has its own influence on the character of a color and the way it is perceived. Thus we know that the same color radiates a different atmosphere according to its color type (cheap vs. expensive, loud vs. soft, ...).

Visual development of children

Research has shown that our visual environment, which consists of color, depth and movement, affects our mental and physical health. A visual environment that provides visual experiences from an early age, has a proven positive effect over the long term. The visual system develops quickly between 0-3 years. Stimulating visual development from this age will not only promote the visual perception of children, but ultimately also contribute to their well-being.

Spiral Designer Machine design

Following our research, we made two proposals for the colors of the Spiral Designer Machine. Based on our color knowledge we gave each part of the device a color that supports its function.

Spiral Designer Machine design
Spiral Designer Machine design

Marker selection

In addition to the colors of the Spiral Designer Machine, we also determined the colors of the three corresponding Stabilo markers. The aim of this selection is to create multiple color combinations (purple, orange and green) with three colors (cyan, magenta and yellow). For other combinations, two additional creative sets are available.

Marker selection

Packaging design

For both designs of the Spiral Designer Machine, we created two matching packages. Four colorful boxes that show the multifunctionality of the device and show all useful information. Each design follows the predetermined color palette and is supported by a few accent colors.

Packaging design

Result Spiral Designer Machine

The result

After extensive research on how children deal with color, we created a design that encourages playing, learning and creating magic. In this way, the Spiral Designer Machine does not only take Ravensburg's target group, brand psychology and brand identity into account, but also the visual development of children, which contributes to their visual perception and well-being. Wondering what the Spiral Designer Machine really looks like? Order it here!

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