The most underestimated sales- and marketingtool is color!

Once you know that color is the most prominent factor in 85% of our purchases, it seems quite logical that every company has its own color strategy. However, in reality we see that color choices are often based on individual preferences and assumptions with lots of time-consuming (and useless) color discussions as a result. Not to mention the missed impact on sales.

  • How do you determine the right colors for your product range?
  • How do you determine the right colors for your market?
  • How do you align your communication, product or service with your intended target audience?
  • How do you generate extra sales with the right colors?
  • How do you create a sustainable framework for your product range?
  • Which colors work best in which countries?

Solving these issues is precisely the expertise of Color Navigator. Several years ago, we launched the Color Navigator System, based on more than 20 years of research, which made it possible for the first time to align color choices with region, target audience and application. Meanwhile, the system got adopted by multiple international companies, brand owners and universities. 

With our globally patented methodology we're now active in practically each sector and we work for various companies, ranging from SME to multinational, with a variety of leading examples in the architecture & interior industry.

To measure is to know! Learn more during this interactive workshop architecture & interior, that offers you and your team new and specifically applicable insights.


  • Targeted determination of color
  • Adjusting your color range to your target audience and market
  • Rationalizing your product range
  • Color as a sales- and marketingtool
  • Examples and practical cases

Target audience

  • Product managers
  • Sales & marketing managers
  • Production & sustainability managers
  • Design managers
  • Product developers
  • Innovation & business strategists
  • Branding & communication managers


The price of our workshop is €1.200 (excl. VAT).

  • Half day workshop
  • At your office or at ours
  • For groups up to 8 colleagues
  • Including course material
  • Including preparation and transport in Belgium

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